Casa Liñeiras – Information

Wifi – The network is ´Amencer´ and ´Amencer-Ext´. The password is the same for both networks and is ´solpor2021´.

Smoking – please do not smoke in the house.

Essential Information

There are a few things that will hopefully not be needed, but if they are then we´d class them as essential.

Our mobiles – Amanda 34 608 14 37 98 or Paul 34 680 85 62 10.

Emergencies – Dial 112 for emergency services, or 061 for an ambulance. If you urgently need a phone, please shout us or knock on our door.

Doctor – There is a doctor’s surgery in A Pontenova located on Rua San Briz. They can be contacted on 982 34 24 00.

Hospital – The nearest large hospital is Lucus Augusti 55km away in Lugo, however, there is a 24-hour triage centre in Meira (Rúa Rego de San Vicente), 23km away.

Chemist – A Pontenova has two pharmacies, one at either end of the town, neither are open 24 hours.

Dentist – There are dentists in A Pontenova, Vegadeo and Ribadeo. We use the one in Vegadeo and are very happy with them.

Slightly Less Essential

Bars and Restaurants – We have three restaurantes/bars in A Pontenova, Hotel San Briz, Lar de Balbina and A Mina Sidreria.  The Casa de Cultura near the ovens in the centre of town offers snacks and fast food.  There are bars at: Casa de Cultura, La Esquina, Roni Bar, Bar Puente and Bar Barreiros. There are more restaurants Meira, Taramundi, Vegadeo y Ribadeo. Feel free to ask us for advice.

Shops – A Pontenova has three small supermarkets (Atlantico, Gadis and Día) as well as a butchers, bread shop and several bars and restaurants. There are larger supermarkets in Ribadeo or Lugo (Alimerka, Eroski (only Ribadeo), Mercadona, Lidl, Carrefour (only Lugo)).

Petrol or Garage Services – There is a Repsol garage in A Pontenova who also undertake puncture repairs and supply new tyres, and several other garages for any necessary vehicle repairs. Other nearby petrol stations are in Riotorto, Meira, Vegadeo or Ribadeo.

Local Market – These are held every Sunday morning and switch between A Pontenova and Meira. The one at Meira is much larger than A Pontenova. Ask and we can tell you which one is on during your stay.


There are a few things that you need to know to help you during your stay at Casa Amencer.  Please let us know if there is anything we have missed. We hope that you have a wonderful stay with us. If you need anything, or have any questions, or feel that something is not working as it should, then please ask Paul or Amanda, we are here to help. If we aren’t in, then Amanda can be reached by phone or WhatsApp on 608 14 37 98.

Animals – We are surrounded by wild animals. In addition to many varieties of birds you may see; deer, hedgehogs, pine martin, wild boar, foxes, snakes, slow worms, bats, buzzards… and friendly cats. If any of our cats come into your house, then please usher them outside, or ask us to help you. Both our cats are very friendly, but we can’t vouch for the other wildlife. The black and white one is called ´Wilson´ and the Mackerel is ´Tinkerbell´. If you hear loud screeching during the day this will be a Jay, if you hear it at night, it will be an owl.

Beach Towels – There are beach towels in the house for you to use, please do not take the bathroom towels to the beach. If you have used the beach towels, then please make it clear that you have so that we can launder them.

Beanbag Dog – This is to prop the door open, should you wish, in Solpor he´s called ´Salchicha´ (sausage in Spanish), in Amencer he is called ‘Bertie’.

Bed Linen and Towels – If you are staying with us for more than 7 nights and would like us to change your bed linen and towels, then please let us know and we will do this for you.

Books – The novels in the house are there for you to enjoy. If you haven´t finished one then please feel free to take it, perhaps leaving one you brought with you in its place. This only applies to novels, please do not take away any local guidebooks, leave these for the next guest to use.

Bread Oven – The yellow key opens the bread oven.  This is available for use as a shared social space with us and the guests in Casa Solpor.  Please feel free to use the space and lock the door when you´ve finished using it. The cushions in here can be used on either the benches at the wooden table or outside on the granite table but please return them to the bread oven at night.

Check Out – We ask that you please check out by 11:00am on the day of your departure and that you leave the house as you found it. There is no need to strip the beds, it is easier for us to do this when we change the bed linen for the next guests.

Clothes Horse – There is a clothes horse behind the door in the bathroom of the first bedroom upstairs (Amencer) and behind the door in the upstairs bathroom (Solpor).

Coasters and Table Mats – These are provided to prevent damage to wooden surfaces.

Coffee Maker – A mocha is provided. To use, simply unscrew, fill the base with water to the nozzle and the perforated section with ground coffee. Put on the hob and wait for all of the water to transfer through the coffee and into the top section, then remove from the hob and enjoy. Please do not put the mocha in the dishwasher as this will damage it. Simply rinse in hot water and leave to drain.

Cutlery – We have hidden the cutlery in a secret drawer at the top of the set of two drawers nearest the oven.

Damage and Breakages – Accidents do happen. If something gets damaged, or breaks, or doesn´t work like you think it should, then please tell us so that we can repair or replace.

DishWasher – Dishwasher tablets are provided in a plastic tub under the sink, please ask for more if you run out. We suggest that you load items in the dishwasher during the day and when you want to use it, lower the door and there is an open drawer on the inside of the door.  Take the dishwasher tablet out of the packaging, put it in the drawer and close the lid. Raise the door. Along the top, there is information on the 6 programmes you can use. Press the grey button on the far left to switch on the machine. An electronic display will flash with P1, P2 etc and show the length of time in minutes. The most useful programme will either be P3 or P4. P3 is the fastest. If you wish to simply rinse the contents of the dishwasher, you can use P6 for a 15 minute rinse. To scroll through the programmes, press the up or down arrows on the right until you find the programme you want. Then simply close the door and the machine will start.  A light will come on under the dishwasher and will go off once the programme finishes. There is no need to add salt or rinsing aid as this has been done before your stay.

Dustpan and Brush – These are located by the kitchen sink.

Electricity – This is rural Spain! The electricity supply can be unpredictable at times.  There is a fuse box behind the wooden casing on the wall between the entrance door and the bottom of the stairs. Please check to see if the main switch has tripped.  If that doesn´t work, please let us know.

Extractor – There is a push button under the right side of the extractor which will switch it on and put on the light. Twist the button to increase or decrease the air flow.

Fire Extinguisher – There is a powder fire extinguisher on the wall by the stairs.

First Aid Kit – There is a first aid kit under the sink. If you use any items, then please let us know so that we can replace them.

Fly Screens – This is the countryside and inevitably there are flies. The volume of these can vary from day to day. During the summer months there are fly screens on the doors and windows for your convenience, should you wish us to remove these then please ask. We do not suffer from mosquitos but the flies with a white abdomen can bite.

Food – Our local bread man delivers on a Tuesday (13:30) and Friday (14:30) and if you let us know before-hand we can order you a baguette (€1,10), half kilo loaf (€1,80) or full kilo loaf (€2.90).

There are three restaurants in A Pontenova, San Briz, Lar de Balbina and the Casa do Cultura (snacks). There are also bars at La Esquina, Roni Bar, Bar Puente and Bar Barreiros. A little further afield there are restaurants in Meira, Taramundi, Vegadeo and Ribadeo. Just ask and we can make recommendations.

There are three small, but well stocked, supermarkets in A Pontenova (Atlantico, Día, and Gadis) all on the main street, as well as a butchers opposite the town hall. Further away there is a larger Día in Meira, a Alimerka in Vegadeo, or Eroski, Lidl and Mercadona in Ribadeo.

Hob Cleaning – Just a tip! Wait until it is cold before you try and clean it, wiping it when warm just makes it worse. There is soe hob cleaner under the sink.

Hot water – This comes from the boiler room in the big house and therefore takes a little time to reach the hot water taps and showers.  Please be patient. In Solpor this could be close to a minute.

Insects – This is the countryside. Occasionally you will see spiders, ants, or other bugs in the house. If you want help removing these then please ask us. Leaving sugary items such as sugar, fruit or jam in your rubbish bag or out in the open may attract ants into the cottage.

Language -If you´d like to practice your Spanish then we would be happy to help and chat to you in Spanish. Amanda is much more proficient than Paul, but if you´d like to talk in Spanish about building projects then Paul is adequately conversant.

Noise – Please be aware that you have neighbours in the other house. We have made every effort to soundproof the houses, but it is inevitable that loud noises can travel through the house.

Outside Lights – Your house has its own outside light, it is the switch closest to the door. If you are going out and expect to return after dark, then please leave this light on to help guide you back into your house. Elsewhere on the property the patio lights illuminate the house from dusk until around 1:00am, and there are several other lights which work on motion sensors.

Parking – Parking is possible through entering via the main entrance. We advise driving forward and to the right between the trees, then reversing towards the barn and parking on a slight diagonal. There is space for two or three cars. Other parking spaces are available if requested and we ask that you check that there is no cat under the car before starting the engine.

Patio – We do our best to keep this swept and clean, but if you feel that you would like an extra sweep then please ask.

Patio table (Granite) – The shaded granite patio table is provided for guests to use, and we may sit there ourselves occasionally, it is a communal space. If you wish to eat at the table, then please feel free to do so. There are cushions for the granite table in the bread oven, please feel free use them on either set of benches but return them to the bread oven last thing at night.

Patio Table (Wood) – Each house has its own patio table and chairs. The table extends through pushing out wooden bars underneath the table. The parasol is opened through a winding handle under the material. Please do not overextend. If it is windy, or at night, please close the parasol. If the weather forecast looks particularly poor, then we may cover the parasol to protect it.

Recycling of Glass – At the side of the large bin there is a small green bin for glass items.

Recycling of Plastic, Milk Cartons, Tins etc – There are plenty of yellow recycling bins as you pass through A Pontenova.

Rubbish – There is a large bin opposite the barn for general rubbish.  It is emptied every Tuesday or Wednesday. If you need more rubbish bags then please ask us.

Safety – Although the houses and patio are finished, you will see that some areas of the property (away from the houses and patio) are still being developed and we would ask that for your own safety you do not go into these areas. Please do not climb on walls, fences, or trees and we will not be held responsible for injuries should these give way. Please do not enter any ruined structures, or the grain store, these are all unsafe. Some areas of the property have a drop off, please be very careful when walking in these areas.

Sewage – We use a septic tank as there is no mains sewage in the village.  Please be careful what you flush down the toilet and if you can, please try to avoid pouring excessive amounts of oil/fat down the sink. Please do not use bleach in the toilet.

Toilet Rolls – If you would like more suppling during your stay then please just ask us.

TV/DVD/Blu-Ray -If you need help operating the TV then please ask, it is a Smart TV so you can use it to watch your own subscription TV if you have the username and password. There is a small selection of DVDs in your house, and we also have a range of DVD/BluRays available (mostly in English but some in Spanish) if you would like to find something to watch then check this list and ask us if you want to borrow one. I am afraid that beyond your own subscription services we do not have access to British TV but it is possible (but a little complicated) to change the language feed on some non-Spanish programmes into English.(TV – Manual, DVD – Manual)

Vacuum Cleaner – We have a vacuum cleaner available for use, please ask us if you would like to borrow it.

Washing Machine/Dryer -We have a washing machine and dryer available for use by our guests in a small laundry, along with an iron and ironing board, please ask and we will show you where it is and how to use it if required.

Water Supply – Our water comes from a village tank which is fed by a spring in the hills 5km away.  The water is safe to drink and goes through filters in the house. Please try to avoid excessive use as the water supply is shared with the village as we are not connected to the mains network. Water can become scarce in late summer and early autumn.

Wifi – The network is ´Amencer´ and ´Amencer-Ext´. The password is the same for both networks and is ´solpor2021´.

Windows – The windows have shutters to close at night and can be opened inwards (turn handle 90 degrees) or opened on a tilt (turn handle 180 degrees). Please do not tilt windows with the shutters open.

Wood Burning Stove – In the winter, while we provide underfloor heating and radiators, which are thermostatically controlled, we appreciate that you may wish to use the wood burner in the living room. We can provide the wood for this and would be happy to show you how to light the fire and get the best from the stove. If you do use it, and would like us to clean the glass, then please let us know. A brush and metal bucket can be provided to remove any ash.

Local Activities

There are many local activities and places of interest, here are a few to get you started.

Beaches – We would recommend; As Catedrales (you need to reserve a ticket in the summer but it´s free entry), Barreiros, Foz, Penarronda and Tapia de Casariego in neighbouring Asturias but there are many beautiful beaches along the north coast. Tapia has a recently refurbished natural swimming pool.

Chimneys – the five chimneys in the centre of A Pontenova are a reminder of the mining heritage of the town.  The iron ore mines were the biggest in Galicia until the 1930´s.  You can walk around the chimneys and there´s a good view from the top of Boulloso chimney near the swimming pool.

Cycle Hire – Eo Activo or from the Casa do Cultura in A Pontenova.

Fishing – Licenses available from A Banca for river fishing.

Hiking/Walking/Trails – We can make some recommendations for local walks, some starting at Casa Liñeiras and others a short drive away.  There are 7 signposted routes promoted by the Town Hall. The shortest takes 35 minutes to complete, and the longest just under four hours.

Kayaking/canoeing – these activities are offered by Tirolinas de Minas in A Pontenova or by Eo Activo based in San Tirso de Abres.

Local Fiestas – These happen at the weekends throughout the summer in villages across the area, we´d be happy to provide details of any which take place during your stay.

Local Swimming Pool – Open in July and August with a minimal entrance charge.

Maze Costa Marina – There is a garden maze close to Rinlo.

Off-Road excursions – Lugo Aventura.

River Swimming – known locally as “O pozo da ola” is in the centre of A Pontenova.  There is a grassed area with picnic tables and BBQ.  The river is very shallow in parts with a deep section of water in front of the white building.

Zip Wire and A Pontenova Mine Tour – a new activity focused on the town´s mining heritage.  You can enter the old Consuelo Mine and descend using the zip wire which follows the old route for transporting the iron ore down the mountain.

Places to Visit

There are many local activities and places of interest, here are a few to get you started.

We hope that you´ll enjoy your time in the peace and quiet of Liñeiras but if you would like to venture out then we can recommend a few places to drive to. We´d be happy to chat through suggestions of what to do at each of these places.

Taramundi, Mazonovo and Teixois (14km) – Small Celtic Hill fort, Knife factory, ethnographic museums well worth visiting, tourist shopping, bars and restaurants, views.

Mondoñedo (28km) – Cathedral, Festivals, Tarta del Rey, artisan shops.

Foz (37km) – Beaches, restaurants, Espazo Caritel.

Santa Eulalia de Oscos (38km) – One of three Oscos villages and probably the prettiest. Could be combined with a trip to Taramundi. A couple of good restaurants and excellent views from La Garganta (27km) on the way there or back.

Ribadeo (38km) – Large supermarkets, shops, nice harbour, lots of bars and restaurants to choose from. You can also find the FEVE train station here with trains along the coast to the East and West, check the timetables to make sure that you can get back from wherever you are going as there are not many services each day. Very picturesque.

Rinlo (43km) – Cliff top walks, restaurants and bars, maze, beaches.

Tapia de Casariego (47km) – Harbour, surfing beach, restaurants and bars, lighthouse.

Lugo (58km) – Roman walled city, artisan shops, bars and restaurants, Roman baths.

Castro de Coana (67km) – Iron Age Hill Fort and Museum with a small entry charge.

Viveiro (73km) – Stop at Sargadelos to visit the ceramic factory at Cervo.

Luarca (80km) – A nice small port town with a lovely harbour area containing many bars and restaurants.

A Coruña (140km) – Torre de Hercules, Estrella Galicia Tour, Port, Old streets, Shopping centres, bars and restaurants, Praza de Maria Pita.

Santiago de Compostela (160km) – Cathedral, Camino de Santiago, ancient streets, bars and restaurants, parks and gardens, museum of Galicia, tourist shopping, tourist road train, Pilgrims.

Oviedo (168km) – Woody Allen´s favourite City in the World. Cultural centre, cathedral, shopping, great bars and restaurants including Calle Gascona for the famous cider pouring and tapas.